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Top 5 Spots To Explore Around The Blue Sky Resort, Alibaug

Alibaug has always been the tropical paradise of Maharashtra, and a go-to staycation spot for Mumbaikars & Punekars. Varsoli Beach in Alibaug is known as one of the cleanest beaches here. One can easily call Varsoli a hidden gem of Alibaug!

If an offbeat yet relaxing vacation is what you’re looking for, a staycation at ‘The Blue Sky Resort, Alibaug- Varsoli’ is something you'd fall in love with. From Coastal Fronts, Heritage Forts, Beautiful Fishing Ports, to Crystal Clear Water Beaches; Alibaug has it all!

We bet your getaway to our Quaint Resort In Alibaug will be filled with a sense of rejuvenation and thrills!

Here is our list of ‘ Top 10 Spots To Explore Around The Blue Sky Resort, Alibaug’ exclusively for our dearest guests!

1. The Backyard Café

Café In Alibaug
The Backyard Cafe

Does this spot sound familiar to you? If not, we are excited to introduce our very own hangout café and restaurant to you! The Backyard Café not only serves professionally cooked, well-presented, and hygienic meals; we also provide a chill backyard experience.

The foodies and folks that love exploring Pinterest-Perfect snacks and meals along with great ambient lights, and a friendly atmosphere would instantly fall in love with our new creation.

This is soon going to be one of the best cafes in Alibaug!

2. Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach
Varsoli Beach

Just a 10 minute short and refreshing walk away from The Blue Sky Resort, Alibaug lies one of the cleanest beaches in Alibaug- The Varsoli Beach. What makes this beach so scenic and tidy is its limited visitors. This is one of the least visited yet most scenic and safe beaches in Alibaug.

Travelers looking for a weekend getaway near Mumbai and Pune must surely visit the destination for a peaceful holiday. Among other resorts in Alibaug, The Blue Sky is the closest to this beach!

3. Thal Beach

Thal Beach
Thal Beach

Thal Beach is the most relaxing and majestic beach you’ll find in Alibaug. Located on the sea, around 6 km north of Alibaug this seashore serves a huge fishing centre. It is a golden spot for the majority of the fishermen here.

On the far side, travelers will get a glimpse of the Khubladha or the Great Fight Fort slightly north in the middle of the sea. This fort was built by the Britishers and now is a rustic heritage attraction for tourists traveling to Alibaug.

4. Korlai Fort And Beach

Korlai Fort And Beach
Korlai Fort And Beach

A scenic 1 hour road trip away is the most famous tourist spot of Alibaug. The Korlai Beach and Fort is a well-known destination and a bucket list attraction of many Maharashtrians. This fort is located in the midst of the blue Arabian Sea, surrounded by its magical and bold tides. This beautiful historic creation was built in 1521 on a small island shielding the Revdanda Creek.

Standing strong on a small hill on the waters, this Fort is very huge and offers a breathtaking view of the crashing sea waves on mighty rocks. Many rare rocks, shells, and even fishes are seen here by travelers! Make sure you visit this Fort & Beach during your staycation in Alibaug.

5. Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach
Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is a scenic beach situated in the Mandwa Village, Raigad District of Maharashtra and is just a 20 minute drive away from our Resort. This is a popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars. This beach is amidst dense coconut trees and is isolated from the crowds.

The best things to expect in and around the beach are beautiful sunsets, ruins of Portuguese forts, churches, Buddhist caves, and temples. If you have ample time on your holiday to Alibaug, you just cannot skip exploring the beauty of Mandwa!

We admire each of our guests and are here to be your tourist guides to exploring the ‘Top 5 Spots To Explore Around The Blue Sky Resort, Alibaug


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