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6 Reasons To Visit Alibaug When You Crave For A Serene Staycation

While looking for the most unique things to do in Alibaug, you may find many options available just like a variety of hotels Alibaug offers to its travelers. Although, the most unseen and underrated things to do in Alibaug are known by very few, this is the most visited island by people in Maharashtra.

‘The Blue Sky Resort’ brings to the ‘10 Reasons To Visit Alibaug When You Crave For A Serene Staycation’, and the unique activities you get to enjoy.

Alibaug being the coastal town in the Raigad District has multiple series of beaches, each beautiful in its own way. Among which, Varsoli Beach is the cleanest, most serene, and peaceful. Guests staying at “The Blue Sky” are offered with the luxury of accessing this beach within just an easy breezy 10min walk!

Let’s Explore The 6 Most Happening Yet Underrated Things To Do In Alibaug

  • The Mesmerizing Hirakot Lake

Hirakot Lake in Alibaug is amongst the Top Rated Parks In Alibaug. The lake is surrounded by a nicely set pathway with benches and lush plants. The largest freshwater here is definitely a spot that no one should miss out on during a staycation in Alibaug with family or friends.

This lake is located just 10 min away from Varsoli Beach and is also close to many more scenic attractions like the Hirakot Fort.

  • Alibaug Temples

What better way to bring some peaceful and positive energy to your staycation than to seek some blessings? Alibaug is mainly known for its tropical spots, and the beautiful rustic temples here are pretty underrated.

The Kankeshwar Temple, Ganesh Mandir, Shri Balaji Temple, Datta Temple and many more are the true definition of serenity. You can spend some best moments here filled with positivity, combined with thrilling treks, clims, and walks.

  • Kankeshwar Forest

Travelers that are into the love for exploring dense forests, flora, and fauna must visit the Kankeshwar Forest. It is the best spot to add some thrill to your trip. Wildlife Photographers are sure to capture some aesthetic shots here!

The forest is still abundant in wildlife. Many poisonous snakes and panthers are spotted here. Hence, travelers must stay alert at all times while exploring around.

Visiting the jungle during the morning is the best time, night visits must be avoided.

  • Birdwatching Spot - Akshi Beach

After Varsoli Beach, Akshi beach is one of the best beaches in Alibaug. What makes this island stand out from the others is its birdlife!

Get ready to spot rare birds here, while you enjoy gazing around the tropical place. This beach does not offer water sports and beach activities, and thus is a great option to spend peaceful evenings while birdwatching.

Some birds that are seen here include Brown Headed Gulls, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Caspian Terns, Lesser Crested Terns, Common Terns, Whiskered Terns, Greater & Lesser Sand Plovers, Ruddy Turnstones, Terek Sandpipers, Common Sandpipers, Little Stints, Egrets, etc. If lucky one can even spot Oyster Catchers!

  • Sardar Kanhoji Lighthouse

Located at the Thal fishing port, Kanhoji Lighthouse is the oldest and lesser accessed attraction in Alibaug. This makes it a great thrilling adventure for travelers. This fun attraction can be easily accessed from Mandwa too.

Every 10 seconds, a Red and White light flashes through the lighthouse that ranges between 22 to 25 nautical miles deep inside the coastal bay of Mumbai.

Sounds exciting? Make sure you around, the surroundings also have relaxing cottages to chill, have meals, and relax.

  • Native BioDiversity Garden

Just a 30min drive away from Mandwa Jetty, lies this nature-abundant place in Alibaug. While on a staycation at the best beach resort in Alibaug, visiting this spot will be like a cherry on the cake!

One can find a variety of plants, trees, butterflies, flowering plantations, etc. here.

The spot offers personal guides to make the best out of your time here. Nature lovers are highly recommended to visit this botanical garden. The entry here is Free, and sunsets are the best time to walk around here!

We hope you find your favorite attraction here in Alibaug! Happy Exploring!

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