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Top 5 Foods Every Traveler Must Try At ‘The Backyard Cafe’

It’s believed that the supremacy of a staycation or holiday is determined by the ‘Food’ explored and relished during the trip. And ‘The Blue Sky’ is exactly all about that! Great Interiors, Fresh Surroundings, an Exclusive Pool, and a Classic Cafe with lots of mouth-watering unique delicacies!

Alibaug is one of the top-visited places in Maharashtra by Food and Beach Lovers! Seafood Thalis are an unmissable thing here, and ‘The Backyard Cafe’ is one of the best dining spaces in Alibaug serving delicious Seafood Combos!

Let’s dive into the delish pool of the ‘10 Foods Every Traveler Must Try Out At The Backyard Cafe’

Seafood Combos

The Backyard Cafe’s local, skilled and professional chefs have put together an authentic combination of gravies and fried Seafood items like ShellFish, Pomfret, Prawns, etc into our menu.

The fish here is perfectly textured, fresh, crisp, and flavor-packed.

These fish items are served with perfectly cooked pieces of bread, rotis, bhakaris, and rice! Sol kadhi, Salads, and Dessert is the perfect way to finish off your wholesome meal.

Garlic Bread

The Garlic Bread at our cafe is to die for! (According to our foodie guests) There’s no secret mystery behind the making of this heavenly snack, it’s just loads of garlic, butter, and cheese!

How much garlic is the right amount? What kind of bread is used? What kind of cheese goes in here?

Wondering what makes The Backyard Cafe’s Garlic Bread so unique? Try it out yourself!

Kinds of pasta

Brightly Lit Nights at our poolside cafe, classic music, and super cheesy pasta on your vacay. Doesn't this sound so perfect?

We serve so many types of kinds of pasta that travelers are sure to relish. Cooked skillfully with the classic marina, tomato sauces, cheese, special herbs, protein-rich veggies, and lots of love in it, we have mastered the art of serving the best pasta after a lot of experimentation!


Among the other restaurants and cafes in Alibaug, we are closest to the beach! And what’s a better holiday combination than Beaches & Brownies!

The Chocolate Brownies served at The Backyard Cafe are completely irresistible squares of dutch chocolate topped with chocolate sauce and your choice of ice cream.

Our classic brownie consists of 5 basic yet quality ingredients and lots of butter. This is what makes them so fudgy!

Fun fact : Backyard Cafe Added these famous classic brownies to its Menu and list of Top 5 Foods Every Traveler Must Try At ‘The Backyard Cafe’ because studies show that these are traditionally known as a “Comfort Food”.


Whether you’re traveling to the Backyard Cafe to Work, Chill, or Relish some wholesome meals; one should not miss out on trying our Coffee! We serve the best Coffees in Alibaug that include Cold Coffee, Iced Lattes, Americano, Classic Cappuccino, Espresso, and much more.

The premium coffee beans we utilize to create these steamy cups of heaven will be a perfect addition to your staycation in Alibaug.

The Foods cooked here at our Restaurant/Cafe are all cooked by local chefs which adds to the ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ feels here.

PS: The Foods Cooked Here Are Completely Delicious And Equally Healthy. We try to limit the use of extra sugar, flour, oil, and extra spices.


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